Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Wahoo's Logo is a mix of good and bad.....

A Minor league Baseball's logo's main purpose is to promote a brand of entertainment and the Wahoo's did a great job in choosing a regional animal with their team name.  It would seem natural to just use the letter "P" with that animal twisted around the "P".  Next, add any baseball equipment item somewhere around the animal. Finally, use some colors that make sense. For those that do not know what a Wahoo looks like:

The logo below looks menacing.  However, I don't like the already overused colors that we are suppose to call Neon Red, Gulf Coast Royal, Blue Angel Navy, and Tin Roof Tin. I do not understand how these colors represent the Emerald Coast and I give this logo a C. Its a Blue Wahoo circling a baseball bat forming the shape of a 'P' for Pensacola.

The team's alternate cap below features a fishing hook also in the shape of a "P". This in my opinion should be the primary cap logo and color scheme. I like the colors and this will be the hat that I will be purchasing. Nice simple yet creative design. I give it an A.

The overall brand logo below reminds me a lot of the old Birmingham Barracudas logo which I remember got a lot of bad press upon its released. I'm not entirely sure what they were going for here with the font and the coloring, but whatever it was they were going for, they failed. The Wahoo is drawn well. I don't think of baseball when I look at it. It gets a D. I hope this isn't pasted across the chest of home jerseys. If so, doubt I buy one.

Overall, can't wait to get my cap and to see what the uniforms look like.......

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