Friday, May 27, 2011

Minor League Baseball Means: MLB Rehab

The parent club of the Minor League team throughout the year will send players coming off a injury to get some at bats or innings in before be reassigned to the Major League team. The majority of these players either come from Extended Spring Training  in Arizona or Florida. Some may have got injured recently while playing in the majors. The assignments are mainly based on the location of the Minor League Baseball team and if the team is playing a series at home. Considering the Reds play in the National League and Pensacola will be a easy flight to Houston , Atlanta, or  Miami, its not that hard to be believe that the Reds would send their rehabbing players  at some point if Louisville is on the road, Sometimes the rehab appearance will be just for a inning or two and sometimes if can be for a whole series. Just last month the Tampa Bay Rays sent Evan Longoria to Montgomery for four days. The Biscuits opened the gates an hour and half earlier then normal for fans to watch Longoria take batting practice.  Minor League teams like the rehabs because it usually means bigger crowds due to people attending the game that normally wouldn't  attend due to the media attention the player brings to the city.  One year the Baybears received Jake Peavy for two games and the team dug out 300 old  bobble-heads they had left over from a promotion when Peavy was playing for them. Eventually, Wahoo fans will be paying close attention to the transaction wire withe the hope of Votto or Arryo type player visits the Emerald coast.

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